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Pregnancy Chiropractic

Baby booties on pregnant bellyEvery mom wants a comfortable pregnancy and a natural, beautiful birth. At Alton Chiropractic, we love helping expecting moms enjoy their pregnancy experience and having a birth that’s less likely to require interventions. Dr. Holland has years of experience in helping pregnant women.

A Balanced Body

There are two main reasons that pregnant moms should be under care. The first is to make sure you’re not in pain. Sciatica, low back pain, pelvis pain and neck pain are extremely common during pregnancy. Chiropractic adjustments can relieve that pain without having to resort to medications, which you can’t take when you’re pregnant.

But there’s another great benefit of chiropractic care during pregnancy: to make your birth process go as easily as possible. When your hips are balanced and your body is free from any misalignments, it’s less likely you’ll need any interventions to get your baby out.

We won’t take X-rays or do anything else that will risk you or your baby’s health. When it comes to your adjustments, we’ll position you in a way that is appropriate for the trimester you’re in, how you’re feeling and where your baby is lying. No two women will necessarily get the same adjustment; it’s all tailored to you.

I'm having a tough time moving around but would like to get care. Can you help me?

Yes. Can’t get out of your car? Stay in the parking lot and we’ll come out to you. Can’t leave the house? Dr. Holland will make a house call. When you want care, we will make it happen for you.
Is it safe to get adjusted while pregnant?

Yes. We have multiple ways to adjust you, including by lying on your side. We won’t put pressure on your belly. If you need to lie on your back, it will only be for a short time, making sure there is no excessive pressure on the abdominal aorta.
Can you help me in other ways when I'm pregnant?

We work with area midwives and other birth professionals. We have plenty of resources and knowledge to share, particularly if you’re interested in a home birth.
Can care benefit my unborn baby?

Think about your energy. When you’re pregnant, it should go toward helping your baby grow and develop. If you have a problem in your spine or pelvis, however, you need to use your energy to compensate for those issues. By removing any pressure present, your energy can go right back to where it’s supposed to be: your baby.
How many visits will I need to find relief?

Because each patient is unique, we won’t know until we’re able to see you in the practice and provide our best recommendations for care. For some patients, they feel better almost immediately after adjustment number one-for others, it can take weeks to find relief. We promise to develop a care plan that’s exactly what your body (and baby) need for a healthy, successful birth and pregnancy.
Should I visit you for care after I've given birth?

Yes! In fact, we encourage it, as most people believe pregnancy ends after giving birth-but there are really four trimesters. After you’ve given birth, your body changes an incredible amount as it works to get back to its pre-pregnancy state, and focused, gentle chiropractic care can help to ensure that it’s functioning optimally in this time of change.

Free Consultations Available

Learn more about pregnancy chiropractic Alton and how it can benefit you. Contact us today to book a complimentary consultation with Dr. Holland!

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