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Pediatric Chiropractic

Toddler playing with blocksFrom infancy all the way up through their teenage years, kids need chiropractic care just like an adult. They may not need as many visits or to be checked as often, but it’s vital that they see the chiropractor regularly. At Alton Chiropractic, we love seeing kids and they feel right at home with us.

Baby’s First Complimentary Checkup

The very first form of trauma a child encounters is from the birth process. It’s particularly likely if an intervention such as forceps was needed. There is no charge at Alton Chiropractic to have your baby’s first checkup. Dr. Holland will show you as the parent what he’s feeling, what it means and how he can address it.

As your child grows up, they’re on devices, joining sports or playing an instrument. All can affect their posture or create the potential for injuries and spinal misalignments. Chiropractic can keep their bodies in the best of health as they grow and develop.

Free Scoliosis Checkups

Did you know that one in ten young girls has a form of scoliosis? Though girls are more likely to have it than boys, it’s important that you check your children for scoliosis. We offer free checkups for scoliosis. If it’s caught early, it can be far easier to manage and eliminate scoliosis.

If your child needs a physical to participate in sports, they can get it done at Alton Chiropractic. The cost is just $25 and applies to any sport your child is in.

If your child needs to raise money for their school, team or band, send them to our office! We have what is called our Community Caring Program. Your child will receive coupons that entitle the bearer to a free roller massage. They can sell them for any amount. The best part? Your child will keep 100% of what they sell! It’s just a small token of appreciation we offer to our community.

Dr. Holland understands what it’s like to feel a little unsure of your baby or child getting their first adjustment. He was terrified the first time he adjusted his daughter when she was just hours old! Over the years, he has performed thousands of adjustments on babies and children.

Only the pressure of a pinky finger is needed to adjust a newborn. If your child is a little older, we can use the Activator® instrument on its lowest setting. We’ll describe everything in detail to Mom and Dad so they know what we’re doing before we adjust the child.

How many visits will it take to see a difference in my child?

No matter what your child presents with, the great news is, it typically takes just a few visits to notice a difference. We don’t make long treatment plans for children for that very reason.
How will you put my child at ease if they're nervous?

We know your child might feel uncertain or even a little fearful to visit a new doctor’s office. We’ll involve them and ask them questions, talking to them right on their level. We have a stuffed animal they can adjust and a tool that looks just like our Activator that they can play with.

For the adjustment, Mom or Dad can hold the child if that’s more comfortable for them. We’ll use our spinal models to show them what we’re going to do, and even look at their X-rays together, if taken.

Does it hurt for my child to be adjusted?

No. We use our hands for a light touch or a non-force instrument to adjust children.
Can you help with my child's digestive issues?

Yes! One of Dr. Holland’s patients was a girl about 5 years old, who couldn’t have a bowel movement without the use of an enema, medication or suppositories. This had been going on for her entire life. She’d been to numerous doctors with no answers. Dr. Holland adjusted her low back and pelvis. Within a few visits, she was having normal bowel movements again.
Can we book a family appointment?

Yes! We love seeing entire families benefit from chiropractic. One family under Dr. Holland’s care was a mom, dad and their nine children, ranging from age 2 to 15. We’ll be happy to figure out a time that works for everyone to get in.

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