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Meet Dr. Mark Holland

Chiropractor Alton, Dr. Mark Holland“I had been sent outside of my classroom for talking. My buddy, Kenny, who I’m friends with to this day, started talking to me. I answered him, and it was then the teacher noticed, so I got in trouble for it. The principal walked down the hallway toward where I stood, so slowly. You could hear every footstep. I survived, but never forgot what my mom told me after-‘Always listen with two ears.’ I’ve never forgotten that, and actively listen to each and every patient to this day.”

Learning Lessons

When Dr. Holland was growing up, he was close to his parents. Listening closely was only one of the many things he learned from them: how to work hard, be honest and treat others like you want to be treated were ingrained in him from a young age.

His father had two back surgeries but still took pain pills and needed his son to tie his shoes every day. “At the time, I thought, there has to be a better way.” Sadly, his father never went to a chiropractor. Nobody in their family had. It wasn’t until Dr. Holland got into his undergraduate years that a good friend of his talked about how he’d been to the chiropractor since he was born.

Dr. Holland thought that was crazy, but went with his friend to the chiropractor’s.

Dr. Holland ended up shadowing the chiropractor. After that, it didn’t take long to decide on his career path. He owes it all to that friend, who Dr. Holland is still close with today (local optometrist Dr. Goerss).

Training and Professional Associations

To earn a Doctor of Chiropractic, Dr. Holland attended Logan University. Alton Chiropractic’s sister clinic in Missouri is a former training office for the university and would have students come to Dr. Holland’s clinics to observe. Dr. Holland has also been Missouri’s state representative for chiropractic during two separate, two-year terms.

I love seeing people get better. They’re often tired, sick and struggling. They might have heard strange myths about chiropractic before. As they go through care, a light goes off in their heads. They get help without having to resort to drugs or surgery.


A Family Man

When he isn’t with patients, Dr. Holland is with his wife Michelle and their young daughter Abby, who was adjusted shortly after birth (and even tells her daddy how and when to adjust her now!) In their spare time, they love to travel and have new experiences, watching Abby light up with excitement.

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